First electric Leonardo in Scandinavia

Persico SpA’s production unit in Nembro, Bergamo, Italy, has recently supplied a Leonardo rotational moulding machine to a highly environmentally conscious Finnish manufacturer. This particular model is a first, in that it is fully electric. The Leonardo line of rotational moulding machines has been patented and developed since 2000; it has been specifically designed to allow customers to mass-produce parts of great geometrical complexity in shorter time and with savings in energy and production costs.

“On the latest Leonardo model,” ­said Sergio Zilioli, sales manager at Persico, “we got rid of the diathermic oil mould heating and cooling systems. This means that there will be no need for a diathermic oil change every two years — by itself a great contribution towards reducing the environmental footprint of the production process. The innovative heating system on the new machine consists of a series of resistors applied directly on the mould surface. “

“Furthermore,” Mr. Zilioli continued, “our customer is going to install a wind tower next to its plant to generate enough power to run the Leonardo machine and the plant’s lighting system. Thus their production site will have zero environmental impact.”

When operating at full capacity, the Finnish plant will manufacture 30,000 units/year of organic waste composters and dry toilets (toilets that do not need to be connected to a sewer system). These products are in great demand in Scandinavian countries, where great attention is paid to the environment.

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