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Persico is pleased introduce brilliant medical product solutions created by some Medical Equipment Manufacturers utilizing rotational moulding, thanks to Persico aluminium moulds. Today rotational moulding is used by the Medical Sector to create many X-Ray transparent plastics components such as side rails, headboards, footboards, bed pallets, and hospital trolleys. This economical Technology allows equipment manufacturers to produce hollow, one-piece, and seamless plastic parts, resulting in medical equipment that is not difficult clean, which seams to be a very important sanitary factor to the medical sector.

EASY ROLLER: Plastic on Wheels
A wheelchair entirely made in plastic material, with the aid of rotational technology.
People who use a wheelchair to move around must confront several difficulties and inconveniences every day. Amongst these are problems linked to the passing under control devices, which are present for instance in airports, problems caused by the formation of rust when entering places with water, such as swimming pools, or the need to leave the wheelchair to undergo a magnetic resonance. To avoid many of the traditional inconveniences resulting from the use of metal for the manufacture of wheelchairs, Torbjørn Skjæran has developed the EasyRoller wheelchair, made exclusively with plastic materials. Switch to the Rotational In 2000, EasyRoller was manufactured in its first version which included a frame achieved by welding together AB S tubes. This productive method, however, proved quite long due to the time required for welding, hence Skjæran decided to move to rotational molding that would achieve a frame with an esthetic and functional design, yet reduced manufacturing time and costs. In EasyRoller 2, which is 105 cm high and weighs only 12 kilograms, the seat, chassis, and tip-up footrest are molded in PET.
EasyRoller wheels are made with rubber, the belts with nylon, and the padding with closed-cell neoprene. Some parts such as the rims and the braking systems are manufactured by injection molding utilizing polycarbonate and AB S. The design development and realization of the prototypes for the latter components was assigned to the Norwegian design office of Eker Design that has processed solutions capable of effectively meeting the markets’ requests. The definition of forms, details, and modifications to be implemented to the chassis depending on the use of rotomolding, was carried out in a synergic collaboration by Partnerplast, amongst the most advanced rotational molders in Scandinavia, and Persico, specialized in the manufacture of rotational molds destined to projects with a high technological specifications. The two companies have positively contributed to the mold conception, with the definition of the divisions, the insertion of mobile parts, and so on, from the addition of structural reinforcements (such as kiss-off) to the selection of the most appropriate plastic materials required to meet Torbjørn Skjæran’s goals.

From the Mold to Samples

The joint collaboration of customer, designer, molder, and modeler have provided a convincing solution which combines aesthtics, ergonomics, comfort, sturdiness, duration, and performances. Given the detailed complexity, the dimensional tolerances had to ensure: the coupling with the injection molded parts, the narrow time availability, and last, but not least, the quality expected from the product, Persico manufactured the mold by milling it from the block, a technology that offers several advantages and guarantees. Once the mold had been built, the first samplings were carried out at Persico, in order to allow the assembly of all details and determine possible interventions and/or modifications to be implemented onto the product. The possibility of realizing the molded prototypes in site saved major time and costs in the global product development process. The first assembled samples have been shipped to Norway for a first presentation to the agents of the sector, and the new rotomolded version EasyRoller 2 has immediately obtained great success on the market.

Persico Mould for BRISTOL MAID Bedside Cabinet
Award winning moulding: Product of the Year at the Plastics Industry Awards 2010 and the Horner’s Awards for Plastics 2010
• Manufactured from recyclable polyethylene
• Defined surface edges and contours with open/backless body design ensures that all surfaces are readily accessible and enables cabinet to be easily and effectively cleaned
• Upper zone/shelf is ideally positioned for staff use whilst standing
• Middle zone/shelf provides storage for patient use
• Lower shelf can be utilised for washbowl or footwear
• The three removable drawers can be inserted from both sides enabling the cabinet to be configured for positioning on either side of the bed
• Upper and Middle drawers can be fitted with a keyles RF IDcontrolled electronic lock (model dependent) providing lockable storage for patient medicines/property (cabinets with locks are supplie with 2 patient cards)
• 100mm twin wheel braking swivel Castors

FAVERO HEALTH PROJECT has chosen Persico for his Sherpha Stretchers
Stretchers from the multi-purpose Sherpa line are designed for the transportation and treatment of patients within the hospital environment and in particular the Emergency Room.
• The innovative one-piece platform is 100% radiolucent, with rounded edges improving the safety of both the patient and operator, and to facilitate cleaning.
• The platform shape presents easy to reach integrated handles to guide the stretcher motion as so desired by the operator.
• The adjustable servo-assisted back section inclination is activated by a centrally positioned easy to reach handle.
• The stretcher height adjustment and the Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions are controlled via pedals located at the base of the stretcher.
• The stretcher push motion is aided by two fold-away, soft, non-slip grip handles, positioned at the head side.
• A pair of fold-down side rails prevents the patient from accidental falls.
• Bumpers located laterally and at the corners protect both the stretcher and hospital walls from impact damage during movement.
• The emergency stretcher is configured to accommodate a vast range of accessories.

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