The Proust Armchair becomes an industrial rotational-moulded object

Alessandro Mendini is an Italian designer and architect who is considered one of the founders of Italian post-modernism (or rather neo-modernism, the definition preferred by him). He has always stood out for his lively style, unconventional sources of inspiration and "methodless" approach to design, which he himself ironically calls the concept of "banal design".

Persico Co-design
Mendini began his career in the “court” of Marcello Nizzoli during the 1960s. In 1970 he quit design to work as an editor for magazines such as Casabella, Modo and Domus, enlivening the ongoing debate on design. Towards the end of the 1970s, Mendini went back to design and became a member of Studio Alchimia, which was founded on the principle of creating objects for the mere pleasure of it.  He has produced paintings, jewellery, furniture,  installations and buildings. Noteworthy is his renowned Proust Armchair (1978) with its seventeenth century lines and very colourful fabric.

Persico Mould
  "Many people should already be quite familiar with my piece called the 'Proust Armchair'. It is a romantic baroque armchair, hand-painted with an endless number of polychromatic dots using the pointillist technique. Dots cover the whole armchair, its fabric as well as the carved wooden frame. It is a work of Redesign. As a matter of fact, it is a collage of a faux-antique armchair and the detail of a meadow by the French painter Signac. Since 1978 the Proust Armchair has been reproduced in many versions, in different colours, materials and sizes. It has even been made in ceramic and bronze. It has travelled all around the world and has been exhibited in many museums.”


Persico Prototype

Now for some truly unexpected news. A paradox has become reality. The "Proust Armchair" has become an industrial rotational-moulded plastic object: the new "Magis Proust" armchair. It is a technical wonder and production jewel. New colours and shades energize a timeless object. The Persico Rotomoulding Division is proud to have played a part in creating the Magis Proust armchair by collaborating with Magis all through the various production stages. Persico manufactured the CNC mould with the support of its in-house engineering department.

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